Rondo - a Finnish boat abroad

Rondo is 33 feet bigger sister for Tempo boat. Rondo’s first appearance was 1995 and it has received a lot of interest abroad. Now Rondo production has moved to Jussi Mannerberg’s company group.

Like Tempo, also Rondo has by taking advantage of the latest technology and using the best quality Finnish materials been designed not only as a safe family boat but also as a competitive offshore racing yacht. Rondo is built for comfortable fast cruising with modern clean lines and a large, stylish and functional interior.

The boat

The aim in designing the hull was to concentrate in sailing performance. She has round, light hull and long waterline. Because the lightness of the boat there is a small rig. Therefore the sail forces and handling of the boat requires less force than one would normally require in this size boat. This enables even a small family crew to control the boat. Fractional rig furling genoa or jib and the absence of running backstays also make life easy for the crew. All the controls of the boat are concentrated at the front of the cockpit. The mainsail and jib can be controlled easily with two winches.

The efficient bulbkeel alone gives a very low centre of gravity. This combined with the advanced lightweight composite hull construction makes the boat very stiff against heel. This increases the boats performance, comfort and safety.

The advanced production technique enables the perfect round lines of the Rondo hull and deck. The moulds for the boat were produced with a unique computer controlled milling machine, which made 1:1 sized plugs for the boat. The advantage of this technique was that no compromises were made with the shaping of the boat and all corners and shapes are round, continuous and symmetrical.

The interior of Rondo is in detail designed by the Mannerberg design office. Jussi Mannerberg’s main idea was to design beautiful but comfortable and useful interior. Interior is very spacious and luminous. There is free view to outside from big windows and boat can also be navigated from inside. There are available 2 different interior solutions. In decksaloon version there are 4 cabins and 5+2 berths. In classical version there are three cabins and 4+2 berths. In interior there is a lot of beautiful woodwork of teak. The used textile materials are of high quality.